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Harem Resupply Finally Reaching Istanbul

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 June 2014)

//ed. note: another in our occasional looks at Turkish history.//

Items that were ordered to replenish the Sultan's harem during
the reign of Murad the Third, but which were lost when the
ship carrying them sank, will ultimately reach their intended

Gnalic Island is near Biograd na Moru on the coast of 
today's Croatia.

The 16th century treasure from the ship that sank near
Gnalic Island on the Croatian coast, will be brought to
Istanbul for display next year.

As the result of a fire that broke out in Topkapi Palace
in Murad's time, an order was submitted for items to
replenish the harem section of the palace. However, the
ship which departed with goods and jewels in the winter
of 1583 was lost to the sea along the northern Dalmatian

Oguz Aydemir, the head of the Turkey Underwater
Archaeology Foundation, said this about the items that
were salvaged from the wreck and which will be
displayed in Istanbul: "among the items that were
recovered, mostly from a steel box, were 43 meters of
silk material, glass works made on Murano Island and
candelabrum.  We understand that jewels on the ship
ordered for Safiye Sultan and Nurbanu Sultan (ladies
of the harem) were recovered from the wreck by the
insurance company after the sinking. We don't know
whether or not these jewels were brought to Istanbul"

"In our opinion, these items ordered for the palace during
this period, when the Ottoman Empire's was at its zenith and
most expansive,are extremely valuable from the standpoint
of understanding the palace's magnificence in those times."

Concurrent with the exhibition of the items from the
Gnalic wreck, there will be a display of 16th century
Iznik ceramics recovered from the Saint Paul which sank
near Croatia's Milet Island. Foundation head Aydemir said
that "the Iznik ceramics found in this wreck have never
been displayed before. The project has the attention of
Omer Koc, who has a major Iznik ceramic collection.
After Istanbul, they will be displayed in Zagreb and finally
in Dubrovnik."

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