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Noah Saved Animals, HES Firm Saves Machines

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 June 2014)

Diverted river rescues machines, floods farms.

Last week in Sakarya when the Sakarya River rose
because of heavy rains, a backhoe was submerged
at the construction site of the Dogancay Hydroelectric
Power Station (HES). In order to save the machine,
two more backhoes were being used but these too
were drowned by the flood waters.

As a solution for saving its drowning machines and
to keep the HES site safe, the firm involved poured
rocks into the water to change the river's course.
However, in doing so the still rising Sakarya River
flooded onto the adjacent farmland.

Farmer Tevfik Dardagan, whose 1 acre plot was
inundated, lamented that "we've had heavy losses.
They ruined us trying to save their machines. They
keep on building but the scientists keep telling them
not to."  The HES construction firm made no
announcement on the matter.

     The Sakarya River flows into the Black Sea.

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