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Stop Me Before I Steal Some More

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 June 2014)

Denetlemediniz ben de çaldım
 The one-time perfect couple heading off to jail...

Ramazan Guzel embezzeled 833,000 TL ($415,000) while he
was the chief of the Bolu Shopkeepers and Artisans Guild and
funneled some of that money into his girlfriend's account.

Yesterday Guzel faced a judge in Bolu Serious Crimes Court.
In his own defense, Guzel pointed out that his guild had not
fullfilled its duty to supervise him, noting that "if the ruling
council or supervisory council of the guild where I worked
had supervised me properly this matter would have come out
long ago."

The court's committee slapped Guzel with a sentence of 19
years, 5 months and ten days for major embezzelment and
falsifying documents. His girlfriend Pinar Saracli was
convicted of using money that was obtained in the commission
of a crime and sentenced to 1 year, 1 month and 10 days in
jail, with a fine of 4,000 TL.

Of the 600,000 TL that was embezzeled into Saracli's account
only 100,000 TL remained and this was returned to the guild.

                  Bolu province.

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