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Canine Loyalty Instructive for Humankind

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 June 2014)

350 kilometre yol gidip sahibini buldu
      Not a puppy anymore.

Mustafa Yilmaz of Ordu found a wounded Sivas
Kangal puppy, raised it and then gave it to a relative
who keeps bees in Kelkit distirct of Gumushane
province.  But when the dog, 'Tomi', showed up
at Yilmaz's door, 350 kilometers from Kelkit, Yilmaz
was amazed: "the distance between Ordu and Kelkit
is about 350 kilometers. This dog has given us all a
great lesson. Everyone always says how loyal dogs
are but this return is hard to believe.  I won't ever let
him out of my sight again. He'll always stay with me."

Gumushane province is SE of Ordu province.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 9 June 2014)

Anne köpek yavrularını böyle kurtardı
                   Extreme instincts.

In Mugla province's Bodrum district a street dog with
a pup in his mouth emerged from an overflowing rain
runoff canal. Firefighters saw that there were 7 more
pups but the canal opening was too narrow for them
to enter. The mother, though, went back into the canal
and rescued all her other pups over the course of 5 to
10 minutes.  The heroic canine and her pups then
disappeared but local store keepers found the pups and
are looking after them.

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