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There's Something About (Virgin) Mary

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(IHA internet site, 12 June 2014)

                     Yes! It's Her!

A week ago at a marble quarry near Anitkaya village in
Afyonkarahisar province workers extracted a 1.5 ton
block and brought it to the factory to process it.  When
the workers began to work on the 'black rock', as it is
called, they cut it into rectangles for polishing.

Upon noticing a figure on one of the rectangles, the workers
immediately notified the quarry engineer and the quarry
owner, Bektas Taylan, who described the figure as woman's
portrait. Taylan could not disguise his amazement and showed
the portrait to his colleagues.

This rare natural event gave the appearance of being a pencil
sketch, with the eyes, nose, mouth, chin and hair of a woman
evident. Taylan declared that he had never encountered such a
thing in his 30 years of quarrying and he said he was thinking
of displaying the marble piece for viewers.

Quarry owner Taylan. Next stop, The Vatican!

Taylan said "I've been a miner for 30 years and never seen
anything like this. Once I saw  a figure on a marble block
that resembled Baris Manco (late Turkish rock star) and it
made the papers five years ago. When I showed this one to
friends they said 'It's (Virgin) Mary's photograph!'. We've
found a work of art by accident."

           Afyonkarahisar province.

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