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Peyton Place U.: Femme Fatale

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 June 2014)

Three's company, with Asuman hanim the CEO.

Ahmet and Mustafa Ozdemir, the banker brothers of
Environmental Engineer Dr. Celalettin Ozdemir (42),
whose throat was cut in his office at Selcuk University
in Konya by Chemistry Section Chief Prof. Ahmet Gulce
last week, have spoken to Hurriyet.

The common view of the late Dr. Ozdemir's 5 closest
academic colleagues at the university and police is that
secretary Asuman S., for whose sake the murder was
allegedly committed, is no innocent and was playing both
of the men, obtaining large amounts of money from them.

Police think that Asuman told Ozdemir that 'Ahmet is
harassing me' and that Asuman told Gulce that Ozdemir had
prepared a report critical of Gulce's behavior as a section
chief and a married man, which he was planning to send
to YOK (higher education authority). Believing that his and
his wife's positions at the university were in jeopardy, Gulce
killed Ozdemir, according to police.

Mustafa Ozdemir said that his older brother Celalettin had
divorced his wife recently and that he was in love with
Asuman, even planning to marry her this summer: "my
older brother gave great importance to traditions and customs.
He met Asuman at the end of January and fell in love. Asuman
said that she was a divorced mother of one child. My brother
divorced his wife on 7 March and gave Asuman everything
she wanted. He brought Asuman to dinner to meet us in the
beginning of April and my brother was like a schoolboy in

"Asuman spoke lovingly about Celalettin. My brother was
very conscious of right and wrong, not even shaking hands
with women unless he had to.  He told us that's why he
married Asuman in a religious ceremony in April. He
introduced her to our mother and had her kiss her hand."

Celalettin's other brother Ahmet thinks that Asuman was
using his brother: "Celalettin had told our older sister that 'I'm
living and feeling things I've never experienced before in
my life.' I thought that Asuman loved him too, her actions
indicated this.  But on 13-14 May Celalettin sold a flat in
Istikbal, two in Flora and a plot of land for not nearly what
they were worth."

"Together with his bank account he had about 900,000 TL.
Ten days before his death he joined the faculty at Denizli
Pamukkale University. We think he was planning to use the
money to start a new life with Asuman there. But the money
is nowhere to be found. My brother's bank accounts are
empty and there's been no related interbank activity. The
person who best knows about this would be Asuman."

As for Asuman, she works for a contractor at the university.
Ten years ago she married a driver at the university and gave
birth to a child. Next, she married an assistant pharmacist.
Asuman was shuffled from faculty to faculty because she
was always involved in rumors of relationships. Lastly, she
was transferred to the Tourism Faculty on 2 June owing to
her involvement with Ahmet Gulce and Celalettin Ozdemir.

Police stated that Asuman had relationships with both men
and that each man's wife knew about it: "she got money from
Ahmet after telling him that 'Celalettin got me pregnant and I
have to have an abortion.'  Ahmet got 25,000, 50,000 and
11,000 TL credit from three banks and gave it all to her.
A large amount of murder victim Celalettin's money is missing.
Because of Asuman the two went after each other. She cracked
to eggs together, one became a killer, the other a victim."

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