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"Evil Spirits" Infestation Causes Schizophrenia

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 June 2014)

Actor Levent Kirca enlightens all about the workings of an 'ufurucku'.

Prof. M. Kemal Irmak of the Gulhane Military Medical
Academy (GATA) wrote an article that appears in the June
issue of the international medical magazine Journal of
Religion and Health, entitled "Schizophrenia or Attack of
Evil Spirits".  In his article, Dr. Irmak asserts that evil
spirits that settle in the brain can constitute symptoms of

Dr. Irmak further states that medicine must henceforth
take heed of the possibility of 'evil spirit attacks'  and that
it would be beneficial for 'religious healers and 'ufurukcu'
(a person who claims that he can cure sick people by
breathing on them) to work together with doctors in
schizophrenia treatments.

There has been a torrent of reaction to the article by
Dr. Irmak, who is a histology (tissue science) expert.
Aysen Esen Danaci, the coordinator of the Turkey
Psychiatry Association Schizophrenia Study Unit, said
that the article should have appeared in a religious
journal rather than a medical one. Danaci noted that
schizophrenia is the most thoroughly proven illness,
with regard to its being a psychological disturbance
whose roots are biological.

Dr. Haldun Soygur, the president of the Schizophrenia
Associations Federation, called attention to the fact
that Dr. Irmak's expertise is histology: "where does
someone with no connection whatsover to the matter
in question get off saying something about schizophrenia?
What he did is beyond the pale. To whom are we
entrusting science?"

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