10 Haziran 2014 Salı

Impatient Driver Tastes Bicyclists' Vengence

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(Hurriyet and Milliyet Newspapers, 9 June 2014)

Öfkeli sürücü bisikletlilerin arasına daldı
Bicyclists are a decent sort, but don't get 'em mad!

Police closed the Harem coast road at the traffic lights
near the Haydarpasa Customs location in Istanbul in order
to allow bicyclists to reach the collection point for the
Bicyclists Association's First International Bicycle Festival.
At this time, a driver in a car with plate number 67 VF 387
(Zonguldak) became angry waiting in the stalled traffic and
first began cursing at the police.

The driver then began cursing at some bicyclists who
intervened. Next, the driver stepped on the gas and drove
his car, in which there were two women and a child besides
himself, into the crowd of bicyclists 50 meters ahead. Two
bicyclists were slightly injured in the incident. Other bicyclists
then began to beat on the car. A  policeman took the wheel of
the surrounded vehicle and was able to extract it and its
occupants from the angry crowd. The car was taken to the
Uskudar police station.

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