6 Haziran 2014 Cuma

Passport to Prison; Equal Opportunity Protester

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(Sabah and Hurriyet Newspapers, 6 June 2014)

Ali's travel plans derailed, up in the air, sunk.

In Izmir, Ali Caliskan made an application for a passport
at the police station. As part of the process, Caliskan's
fingerprints were checked and it turned out that in 2011
he had used an electroshock device to stun prep school
owner Ozlem Tosun in the parking lot of a 5-star hotel.

Caliskan then bound Tosun's hands and feet with the
intention of kidnapping her but, driving Tosun's car,
he crashed into another vehicle and then fled. Tosun
was injured in the accident.

After his fingerprints revealed the previous crime, Caliskan
was arrested. In his statement, Caliskan said that he had
mugged Tosun in order to get money for a 200,000 TL
debt he owed.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 June 2014)

Ready to support any and all causes, but don't ask why.

On 1 June in Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul, there was an attack
on HDP (Kurdish party) partisans intending to open a
stand and 4 people were injured. A group from the BDP
(another Kurdish party) made a statement outside the hospital
where the injured were treated. A bit later an opposing group
carrying Turkish flags  started a protest march.

During the demonstrations a youth wearing a pink t-shirt was
noticed. He was seen in the front line of those shouting slogans
in favor of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and even raised the
victory symbol with his hands.

A few minutes later the mysterious demonstrator was seen
among those shouting 'God is Great', waving the grey
wolf  signal (trademark of the Ulkuculer, a nationalist right-
wing group)  with his fingers and singing the national anthem.

Ibrahim Sancak (29) was then taken into custody on suspicion
of being a 'provocateur'.  Actually, Sancak has a record of 10
robbery charges and is being southt by the Kucukcekmece Court.

Sancak, who is currently unemployed, had this to say about
the situation: "I didn't know what was going on. I was sitting
in the coffee shop with my friends and they said 'hey, let's go!'
I found myself in the middle of the protest for a while.
Then I saw a friend of mine in the opposing group so
I went over there. I didn't have any other intention."

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