7 Haziran 2014 Cumartesi

Peyton Place U., Konya Campus

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 June 2014)

Peyton Place U. (aka Selcuk U.) campus steeple.

Allegedly, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Gulce (55), the
chief of the chemical engineering section at
Selcuk University in Konya, was having a
relationship with married secretary Asuman S.
(35). However, recently Asuman became close
with Associate Prof. Celalettin Ozdemir of the
environmental engineering section.

The two academicians argued over Asuman
in front of some students on 30 May.  As word
got around about the confrontation, Prof. Gulce's
wife Dr. Handan Gulce, of the engineering faculty,
entered the fray and had Asuman transferred to the
tourism faculty.

Prof. Ahmet Gulce, though, went to the faculty
building on 2 June with a knife, still seething about
the perceived insult from Ozdemir, the father of two
who was divorced six months ago, and Asuman's
transfer.  Gulce cut Ozdemir's throat in his office
and a day later handed in his retirement papers. His
request was accepted and on 4 June Gulce's tenure
as section chief was ended.

Ozdemir's body was found in his office on 5 June,
when the bad smell alerted passers-by. That same
day Gulce was captured while driving and after he
gave his statement Asuman was taken into custody.
In her own defense, Asuman said that "Ahmet (Gulce)
was interested in me but we didn't have a relationship.
Because I was afraid to lose my job I put up with his
harassment. I had no relationship at all with Ozdemir."

Both Gulce and Asuman were taken to court after
giving their statements. Gulce was held and Asuman
was conditionally released. In his statement, Gulce
said the following: "I've been talking with Asuman
for a long while. We had a relationship. Over the course
of time I gave her 100,000 TL. But in the past few
months she began to ignore me. I learned that she
was having a relationship with Ozdemir and I warned
him. But he ridiculed me in front of the students,
threatening to report me to YOK (higher education
authority) and my wife.  I went to his office to talk
it over but I lost my cool."

"I went home and changed my bloody clothes. I went
to a hotel and called Asuman and we met. I told her
'I committed murder for you.' She screamed at me
and left. At first I was going to go to the faculty and
destroy the body but then I figured if I did I'd be
caught. If you (police) hadn't caught me I would have
killed myself."

                Konya province.

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