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Michael Jackson Remembered With Turkish Melodies

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 June 2014)


'Baglama' tribute with hats to 'The Gloved One'

Members of the Eregli (Zonguldak province) Municipal
Republic Neighborhood 'Baglama' (three-string instrument)
Group, inspired by the unique songs of Michael Jackson,
who died in the U.S. on 25 June 2009, have gone to great
lengths to play the songs of the artist with their 'baglamas'.

On the fifth anniversary of the artist's death the musicians
have produced a video clip of their version of the  song
"They Don't Care About Us".  Wearing the hat that Jackson
wore, the musicians interpreted the artist's song in a one
minute 10 second clip (more like three minutes), using
Turkish melodies.

The group's leader, Mehmet Ali Uzmez, explained that
they performed Jackson's songs in the Eregli municipality's
picnic area in the Kestaneci neighborhood and he also
talked about the clip they made: "it was rather difficult to
play Jackson's song with a predominantly 'baglama'-based
orchestra but our friends exhibited great dedication and
excitement in taking this on."

Uzmez added that they have uploaded the clip to social
media sites, with the aim of reaching Jackson's fans.

Eregli is a few hundred miles east of Istanbul on
the Black Sea coast.

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