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Relationship Killers

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 March 2016)

Yaşlı Adamı Sevişme Bahanesiyle Öldürdü, Ömür Boyu Hapsi İsteniyor
"Cingöz" (cunning/mischievous) Selma hanım.

In Adana, Selma Cingöz (40) struck up a relationship with
Osman Efe (70), a retiree from Germany who settled in Sarıçam
district's Yavuz Selim Sultan neighborhood. Cingöz, the married
mother of two children, had put her house on the market and Efe
was a prospective buyer. Over the course of time, Efe began to
pay Cingöz for sex.

When Cingöz learned that Efe had a large amount of jewelry
and cash, she hatched a plan to kill him.  Figuring that this
would be easiest to do during sex, Cingöz filled two injector
needles with pesticide and went to Efe's house, carrying a
knife, as well.

Selma hanım caught cashing in her ill-gotten gains.

Once in Efe's bedroom, Cingöz asked him to get her a glass
of water from the kitchen. At this time, she put the injectors
and knife under her pillow. When Efe returned and lay down
on his back Cingoz stuck an injector needle into his neck. Cingöz
then told the protesting Efe that the injection was meant to
assist his sexual performance (!).

Cingöz then took the knife out from under her pillow and
stabbed Efe nine times.  Taking Efe's telephone and 7,000
euros, Cingöz tried to make the house look like a robbery
scene and fled. Upon finding Efe's body, though, police checked
his cellphone records, which led them to Cingöz, who then

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                      Adana province

türkçe links to original Turkish article.

(Cumhurriyet Newspaper, 30 March 2016)

[Haber görseli]
    After the next argument, she'll rent a truck.

In Antalya, yesterday evening Gizem C. (21) got into an argument
with her boyfriend Ramazan K. (24) in Muratpaşa district's
Bayındır neighborhood.  Gizem hanım then drove her rented car,
license plate number 07 GBE 84, onto the sidewalk where Ramazan
was standing, in front of the car dealership where he works.

Image result for women drivers
      Action photo of Gizem hanım.

Gizem's car hit Ramazan and another car before crashing through
the window of the Yabancı Kuaför beauty salon, owned by Ramazan
Güç.  Commenting on the incident afterwards, Güç had this to say:
"I was tending to a customer's hair when the car came toward me.
Two of my customers, Ahnur Çayır and Emine Güç, were injured.
The woman driving knowingly came through my window. She's
the girlfriend of a guy who works at the car dealership next door.
After the crash she said to him 'you didn't think I'd do it, did you?!'"

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              Antalya province

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