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Ultimate Economy Class

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(HaberTürk & Milliyet Newspapers,10 March 2016)

Air France’ta bavuldan çocuk çıktı
Embarrassing yes, but think of the extra passenger possibilities.

A child was found in a suitcase in the passenger cabin section
of Air France's Istanbul-Paris flight. According to the French
press, after half the flight had been completed a passenger
went to open his suitcase in the baggage closet and noticed
that the one next to his had something moving inside it.

The bag belonged to a French woman named Marguerita Jean (36).
On 25 February, Jean took the 5 year-old child, Yvelina Debora
Damus, from Dominique and connected in Madrid for the flight to
Istanbul. Jean remained in Istanbul with the young girl for a few
days and bought a ticket for a Istanbul-Brussells flight on 6 March.

The next day, Jean and the child passed through passport control
at Atatürk Airport and went to the waiting room.  Jean then went
to the ticket counter, cancelled the Istanbul-Brussels ticket and
purchased one for flight AF-1861, Air France's Istanbul-Paris flight.

Jean returned to the waiting lounge,put the child in the suitcase
and boarded flight AF-1861.

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    Leg-room rather limited but hey...


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