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Roman and Avian Ways in NE Turkey

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 March 2016)

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Last Roman legionnairre who never surrendered.

An application has been made to the Ministry of Culture and
Tourism for the exploration of the Satala Antique City in Kelkit
district of Gümüşhane province.  The city was established in the
time of the Roman Empire as a military headquarters.  According
to historical sources, the site, which is located 28 kilometers
from Kelkit, was set up by the 15th Legion Lego Apollinares in
Roman times and served as an intersection for  military roads from
Anatolia and Cappadocia to the Black Sea.

Satala was a strategic outpost for the Roman Empire and at other
times it was under the control of the Assyrian, Macedonian, Roman
and Byzantine civilizations.  In the 15th century a 47-arch aqueduct
was built to bring water to Satala but today only one arch remains
standing.  Kelkit Mayor Ünal Yılmaz announced that he has applied
to the Ministry for research at the site.

Kelkit district is in the south of Gümüşhane province.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 11 March 2016)

Cerattepe ve Kuş Göç Yolları
      Mine to be built where the red dot is.

The mine planned for construction in Cerrattepe, Artvin province,
threatens not only Artvin’s environment but also the migration
path of birds.  The mine is to be built in the Çoruh Valley, through
which migratory birds transit from Eurasia to Africa.  According to
Dicle Tuba Kılıç, the president of the Nature Association, each year
more than one million birds transit the valley, including eagles and

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                             Artvin province

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