2 Mart 2016 Çarşamba

Don't Gamble With This Proctor!

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 2 March 2016)

Kopya riskine  karşı soydular!
    If you get a uniform, that means you passed.

In Muzafferpur, India, the candidates taking an enlistment
exam for the armed forces were forced to strip down to their
underwear to prevent copying.  The photograph of the recruits'
treatment had engendered outrage in the country.

Military officials in Bihar state explained that "in order to
save time and control a large candidate group, this method
was preferred."  One of the 1,500 recruits told the Hindistan
Express newspaper that "it was humiliating and an insult to
my honor. When we entered the field where the exam was
held we had to take off all our clothes, except underwear. We
all thought it was strange but we had to comply."

Cheating in Saharsa
 Scaling the walls in Bihar, where Kinko's has its world HQs.

There was a distance of 2.5 meters between each candidate.
Military officials claimed that it wasn't they who made the
decision about stripping.  Extreme precautions are taken to
prevent copying in India. Last year, scenes of family members
scaling the walls of a school to give their children copies was
on the nation's agenda for a long while.

               Bihar state, India

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