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"Jump!", They Screamed. So He Jumped

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 March 2016)

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Police are talking Çetin down...but

In Istanbul, a citizen by the name of Erol Çetin was on the
railings of the Boğaziçi Bridge, threatening to commit suicide.
Police tried to reason with Çetin but he jumped to his death
and his body was recovered at Ortaköy.

Two women on the bridge have been charged with 'incitement
to commit suicide' and taken into custody. It turned out that
while Çetin was considering his jump, the two women, Hülya U.
(49) and Merve Ö. (27) were in a car stuck in traffic because of
Çetin. They rolled down the window of their car and screamed
at Çetin: "it's because of you that we're stuck in traffic for hours.
If you're going to jump, then jump!"

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...urged on by traffic-weary observers. he takes the fatal plunge.

Although police were on the verge of getting Çetin to relent,
when he heard the screams and curses from the women he
jumped off the bridge and into the water.  Police on the bridge
arrested Hülya U. and Merve Ö.

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View from Ortaköy, where Çetin's body was recovered.

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