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Taxi Driver Prevents Travesty of Justice

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 21 March 2016)

Everyone chats with their cab driver but "I'm a murderer"...?

In Çorlu district of Tekirdağ province, Faruk T. stabbed Ferhat
A. (35) to death.  The murder came to light after Faruk T. related
the details to a taxi driver.  The incident occurred at an apartment
building on Adnan Doğu Avenue in the Esentepe neighborhood.

Faruk T. went to the home of Ferhat A., a transvestite ('travesti' in
Turkish) and the two argued for some unknown reason.  The
argument turned into a fight, whereupon Faruk T. stabbed Ferhat A.
Then, Faruk T., with blood on his shirt, got into a cab and as he
exited the taxi in the Havuzlar neighborhood he told the taxi driver
that he had committed a murder.

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            Good citizen taxi driver. 

The taxi driver informed police about what Faruk T. had told him.
The police went to the apartment in Esentepe and, with the help of
a locksmith, entered the flat, finding Ferhat T.'s body there.  About
an hour later police took Faruk T. into custody at his home in the
Havuzlar neighborhood.

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               Tekirdağ province.

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