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Counterfeit Robin Hood

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(Posta Newspaper, 4 March 2016)

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        Robin Hoodoğlu and his masterpieces.

In Istanbul, police have nabbed a gang that has been passing
counterfeit Turkish Lira and foreign currency on the economy.
Central Bank officials could not even tell the fake money from
real notes. The gang was savvy enough to use special ink containing
metal powder so that the purple light detection machines couldn't
tell the difference.

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He's right! The resemblance is uncanny...

Additionally, the gang included a cipher for the money related to
bank codes. Gang leader Erkan A. owns two villas in Yeniköy and
Beykoz, along with luxury automobiles.  In his statement to police,
Erkan A. likened himself to the popular English hero of old, Robin
Hood, saying that he steals from the rich and gives to the poor: "I
didn't spend any of the fake money on myself, I gave it all to poor
people. Because I'm rich anyway."

Erkan A. was captured at his print shop in Seyrantepe Industrial
Park, along with graphic artist Selim D.  About 1 million liras
worth of TL and foreign currency were taken in the raid.

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