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On The Road: Tractor Ticket, Taxi Tumult

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 March 2016)

Traktörlü çiftçiye HGS cezası
"Let's get the bureaucrats out here to drive my tractor!"

The HGS (toll booth) penalties have turned comical, with
tickets coming to Yozgat farmers accused of having driven
their tractors across the Boğaziçi Bridge in Istanbul without
paying.  The recipient farmers are in shock.

The Transportation Ministry sent HGS tickets that had
accumulated to citizens after the November election.  One
summons for 45 TL (about 15 USD) came to a Yozgat
farmer named Mehmet Baran, who owns a 1969 model tractor
in Sağlık village, for crossing the bridge in Istanbul without paying.

Baran lamented that "it's hard enough for me to drive the tractor
to Yozgat, let alone across the Istanbul bridge.  I never saw
Istanbul in my life.  How could I go to Istanbul with my tractor?
Other farmers in other villages have gotten similar tickets. I
wrote a petition of objection to the ministry."

                     A bridge too far...

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 March 2016)

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              Among those arrested.

In Ankara, an argument between two families working at the same
taxi stand turned into an all-out war.  In the clash, 28 people were
wounded from buckshot from hunting rifles and three of them are
in serious condition.

The Ankara Governor's office reported that 14 of the injured in the
incident, which occurred in the Plevne neighborhood of Altındağ,
have been released after tretment at various local hospitals.  Those 14
and another 6 individuals have been taken into custody.  Police
seized three pump-action hunting rifles and 3 knives.

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Plevne neighborhood in Altındağ, Ankara, is near 'Ankara' on map.


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