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Spiderman Look Catches Fire in Erzurum

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 3 March 2016)

Sadece parfüm sıktık
                  Accidental Spidermen 

In Erzurum, Oğuzhan Kayaoğlu and Muhammet Köksal took
a ride in a car driven by their friend Ahmet İlker.  For fun (!)
the friends sprayed perfume on each other, but then İlker lit a
cigarette with the car windows closed.

The flame from İlker's cigarette lighter ignited the perfume
fumes, turning the car into a ball of flames.  İlker was slightly
injured, while his two friends were more seriously hurt.  Köksal,
wrapped like a mummy at the local hospital, noted that "if the
car had been going faster we would have burned to death."

Image result for torpido gözündeki çakmak gazı patladı
    Early trendsetters - September 2015.

spidertriplets  the look that's setting Erzurum on fire!

Kayaoğlu explained how the incident developed: "we noticed the
perfume in the car and sprayed it, thinking it would make the
car smell better.  We got a bit carried away and sprayed each
other with the perfume and a couple of minutes later Ahmet lit
his cigarette.  With fire all around us we all started to burn as
the car was moving.  As soon as Ahmet was able to stop the
car we got out and people took us to the hospital. Because of a
perfume joke we all almost died."

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                         Erzurum province

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