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Heartless Customer Ruins Shoe Repairman

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(Millyet Newspaper, 12 March 2016)

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Scales of justice seem to be more than a bit wobbly in Antalya.

Halit Akbulut (54) has been working as a shoe repairman in
Antalya for 45 years.  In 2011 a customer filed suit against
Akbulut because he lost her shoes. The court has sentenced
Akbulut to a 10 month jail sentence and a 2,000 TL fine (!).

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 Gülgün hanım in an undated photo.

The sports shoes that Akbulut lost were given to him in 2011 for
repair by Gülgün Uslu, who learned when she came to collect
them that they had been stolen from Akbulut's shop window.
Akbulut explained to Gülgün hanım that his guest, one H.K.,
had taken the shoes and he suggested that she file a complaint
against H.K.

The (heartless) Gülgün hanım was unmoved, however, and filed
suit against Akbulut.  Claiming that he did not receive the court
notices, Akbulut did not participate in the ensuing hearings. When
he went to vote in the 2011 elections he was taken into custody.

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Another tortured member of the shoe profession.

The court found against Akbulut and sentenced him to 10 months
in jail and a fine of 2,000 TL.  The jail time was converted to a
6,000 TL fine. Akbulut appealed but a higher court approved the
sentence 5 years later (!).  Faced with now having to pay 8,000 TL,
Akbulut, the father of three, lamented that "I have low-sugar and
high tension. If I don't pay this money by 3 April I'll go to jail.
It's impossible for me to pay it."

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                      Antalya province

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