3 Ağustos 2017 Perşembe

Come Fly With Me, At Your Peril

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 August 2017)

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              Trust me.

Uğur Gadiş, who hoodwinked a number of flight attendant
candidates, saying that he had contacts inside Turkish Airlines
(THY) who could get them jobs, has been arrested.  Gadiş
identified himself to his victims as an undercover policeman and
took a picture of himself in front of Police HQS to bolster his

Gadiş opened six separate profile accounts on social media under
false names.  He lured his victims by writing on his pages that
"THY has announced a call for cabin attendants.  A close friend
of mine has an important position in THY concerned with hiring."
The bilker became a friend - and even a lover - with some of his

Opening a false "THY account", Gadiş had the candidates contact
this account and responded to them with emails bearing the THY
letterhead, requesting that they provide their "hips, waist and
breast" measurements  (!) for their flight attendant uniforms. Gadiş
asked the candidates for between 400 and 800 TL, which the
hopeful candidates obligingly sent to him.

Gadiş ran this scheme for 3 years and defrauded tens of people.
However, based on complaints, police launched an operation and
arrested Gadiş in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul, the day before yesterday.
It turned out that Gadiş used his girlfriend's bank account number
to collect money from 30 people.  His false names were: Merdan
Karahan, Merdan Karadan, Mahir Soylu, Mahir Güneş, Merdan
Mahir and Mehmet Uğur Gadiş.

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The backwards writing should have tipped them off...

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