28 Ağustos 2017 Pazartesi

Fed-Ex'ing Stolen Loot to Home

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 28 August 2017)

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Ş.Y. was engaged in rather unneighborly activity.

B.A. (28), who lives in Bursa, invited her former neighbor Ş.Y.
(45) to her engagement party the day before yesterday.  Ş.Y. stayed
at B.A.'s house during the festivities.  The day after, B.A. noticed
that eight gold bracelets and 20,000 TL were missing and she
informed the police.

Ş.Y. was taken into custody on suspicion but released for lack of
evidence. However, police determined that the day after the
engagement party Ş.Y. had gone to a courier service and had a
package sent to her home in Kocaeli.  A policeman then disguised
himself as a courier from the company and delivered the package
to Ş.Y.'s home. When she opened the package the stolen gold and
money emerged, forcing Ş.Y. to admit her guilt.

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İzmit is also known as Kocaeli.

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