10 Ağustos 2017 Perşembe

Extraordinary Negligence Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 August 2017)

34 yıldır bekliyorlardı Sonunda yapıldı ama sadece bir yıl sonra...
                   The way we were...again.

Piruze Çiftçi lives in Üzümcü village, about 30 kilometers
from the provincial capital Hakkâri.  For 34 years Çiftçi and
the other villagers waited for the government to build a bridge
across the Zap River but in the meantime they used a primitive
'teleferik' (basket with pulleys) to reach their fields on the other
side of the river.

Image result for 34 yıl üzümcü zap teleferik
              A (short-lived) bridge too low.

Finally, a year ago the government built a hanging bridge but
it turned out to be hung to low to withstand the Spring rains
and was destroyed. (!)  Çiftçi lamented that "we told the bridge
builder that it was too low but he just said not to worry and
that they'd build it again if it broke (!)"

Image result for zap suyu haritası
Probably the best transportation in those parts.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 August 2017)

Image result for karnında unutulan makas emel bingöl
     Whoops! I think you forgot something...

Emel Bingöl, a mother of two who lives in Germany, came to her
hometown in Turkey, Gaziantep, a year ago for an esthetic
operation to tighten her stomach.  A day after the operation,
which was performed by Dr. N.G.Ö., Bingöl was released and
returned to Germany.

However, a pain in her stomach would not go away so she called
Dr. N.G.Ö., who told her the pain was a normal post-op event
and would ease with time.  Nevertheless, Bingöl had an x-ray
taken in Germany and (lo and behold!) a scissors could be seen
in Bingöl's stomach.  Bingöl returned to Şanlıurfa, nearby to
Gaziantep, for a (successful) operation to remove the scissors
and to initiate her legal battle against Dr. N.G.Ö.

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