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Turk Aviator's Mississippi Lovechild

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 August 2017)

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Now Steve knows why he yearned for ayran and rakı.

Steve Nelson (60) lives in Gulfport, Mississippi and all his life
he's wondered why his 5 siblings have brown eyes and his are
colored.  Steve is also physically different than his siblings but
thanks to his son Michael (35), he went to ancestry.com and solved
the riddle.

The website showed that Steve's physical characteristics are the
same as those of people in the Caucasus Mountains.  Steve's
brother Mickey then recommended a DNA test and it turned out
that Steve's father was not the dad who  raised him.  This
development prompted Steve's mom to make a confession (!).

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         A Turkish-American family is born.

Steve's mom told him that in 1954 she had an affair with a
Turkish student who was in training at the war college at
Columbus Air Base: "His name was Erdoğan (!) but I can't
recall his last name."  Steve did some more research and found
that there was a Turkish student named Erdoğan Kısacık at the
war college at that time.

Steve and son Michael made a number of trips to try to find
Erdoğan Kısacık, only to finally learn that Kısacık had died in
a car accident along with his two children when Steve was 13
years old.  Steve then located some of his Turkish relatives in
Miami and he and his sons met with his uncle Ali Kısacık and
two cousins in Oklahoma two weeks ago.  Steve is preparing
to go to Turkey to meet the rest of his long lost relatives.

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      What happens in Columbus...

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