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Grand Theft Home; Fake Theft Cattle

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(Posta Newspaper, 4 August 2017)

Akıl almaz olay! Komple evi çaldılar...
  What's the big deal?  It was made to be moveable.

In Bursa, Hıdır A. and Faruk Ç., both 20 years-old, hired a crane
and brought it to the Demirtaş neighborhood, telling the crane
operator that "this prefabricated house is ours.  Take it to the
Hasanağa neighborhood."  When the house's owner M.E. saw
that his house was gone he called police.  It turned out that Hıdır
A. and Faruk Ç. had used the same technique to steal a car and
a motorcycle.  Both of them were found in the prefabricated home
and taken into custody.

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Faruk Ç.  Home alone with Hıdır A. when apprehended.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 4 August 2017)

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       Yet another moveable residence.

The incident occurred in the Bosnahersek neighborhood of Selçuklu
district of Konya.  Afghan Feyzullah Amade (28), who has been a
shepherd for 5 months, called police to report that two individuals
had come to the container in which he lives, bound his hands and feet
and stole 45 of his 54 cattle, along with two cellphones.

Amade claimed that he had been able to cut the ropes with a knife
and save himself.  However, police were suspicious of Amade's
conflicting statements and noticed that there were no footprints
around Amade's container other than his own.  In his second statement
to police Amade admitted that he had lied, saying "I lost the animals
while they were grazing.  The value of 45 cattle is about 250,000 TL
(around $70,000). I was afraid to tell the cattles' owner. I could never
pay such an amount.  I bound my own hands and feet and made up
this lie."

In a search of the area the animals were found 5 kilometers away
and delivered to their owner.  The cellphones the Afghan claimed
had been stolen were found in a tea pot in his container.   A case
has been submitted against Amade for fabricating a crime.

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                Konya province

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