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Learning Life's Lessons the (Very) Hard Way

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 13 August 2017)

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                      ...in happier times.

Mustaf Turşah (37), who lives in Antalya, left his home for work
three days ago.  A few hours later Turşah received word that a fire
had broken out in his home and that his child was only barely
rescued by neighbors.

Turşah went to the hospital to see his son Y.T. (7), who told Turşah
that "mommy left me and went off with some guy."  Turşah then
called his 'imam nikah' (unofficially married in a religious ceremony)
wife M.K. but could not reach her.  When he went to his house, in
addition to the fire damage, Turşah saw that his wife was not there
and neither were jewels valued at 24,000 TL and 15,000 TL,
respectively.  Gone as well was the car Turşah had bought for M.K.

Turşah suffered his biggest blow of the day, though, when he saw
on social media that M.K. had run off with another man.  He
lamented that "I have to start from zero.  My experiences have
given me lessons about life." (!)

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