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Rakka Police Dept.? No, Çanakkale

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 August 2017)

Sarıklı-sakallı polis şoku...
Maybe he's just a disfunctional undercover cop...

Policeman Kuraner Erbaş was transferred from Istanbul to
Çanakkale 5 months ago.  His lack of discipline was noticed as
he grew a long beard and began wearing a turban to work.
Erbaş was sent to a doctor for an evaluation but was deemed
fit for duty so he was assigned to monitor the MOBESE video
surveillance system in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale.

Pepole who saw Erbaş behind the wheel of a police vehicle
the day before yesterday in Çanakkale city called the police hot
line.  Erbaş's colleagues then stopped him and when they realized
he was a genuine policman they informed the office of the district
chief in Bayramiç.

Erbaş was relieved of duty and the district chief ordered an
inspector to look into the matter.  Çanakkale Police Chief Celal
Sel stated that an investigation has begun about any possible
negligence related to Erbaş driving a police vehicle and whether
he was 'out of uniform' (!).

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