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Dash-cam Gang's Gold Quest Fails

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 August 2017)

dash-cam gang see this previous TNT report about these same

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Bilal T. (inset), the man who supposedly knew too much.

Three members of a gang that kidnapped Bilal T. (53) because
of gossip that he knew the whereabouts of 800 tons of gold ingots
said to be buried at Nif Mountain, east of the Gulf of Izmir, have
been captured.  Bilal T. was abducted from in front of his home
in the Aydınlıkevler neighborhood of Çiğli, İzmir, on 26 May by
masked assailants.

Bilal T. was subjected to torture to reveal where the 800 gold
ingots could be found and, consequently (!) he indicated a spot
to his abductors on Nif Mountain.  While they dug for the treasure,
though, Bilal T. escaped after 11 days in captivity and got help
from a shepherd to inform police of his predicament.

Police determined that Bilal T.'s kidnappers were M.B., A.Y.K.
and D.B.C.  and captured them after a two-month effort.  Seven
member of this same gang had kidnapped Ö.K. and M.U. last
March but were caught thanks to dash-cam camera footage.

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