5 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi

Have You No Shame?! (Apparently Not)

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 5 August 2017)

Yuh olsun Engellinin evini basıp, kredi çektiği 5 bin lirayı aldılar

In Ankara, Z.K., who is handicapped, withdrew 5,000 TL from
a bank in order to consolidate his debts.  One of three people who
followed him home, posing as a policeman, invaded his home,
beat him and took the 5,000 TL.

On 3 July, Z.K., who lives alone in the Keçiören district of
Ankara, came back to his apartment with his credit money but
he was followed by two women, Tuğba Kavaklı (30) and Fidan
Toprak (35).  The women then alerted their cohort Emrah
Özbek (35), who was waiting in a car nearby.

As the women kept a look-out, Özbek knocked on Z.K.'s
door.  Claiming to be a policeman, Özbek pulled his gun and
told Z.K. to lie face-down on the floor.  Özbek then put his
knee into Z.K.'s back and his hand into his pocket, stealing
the 5,000 TL.

Z.K. alerted the real police to the mugging.  Video images
reflected the women following Z.K. and police determined
their address.  When arrested the three suspects confessed
to the crime and were sent to jail.

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At least Keçiören can be proud of its new metro line.

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