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Kidney Seller Too Popular, Especially in Antalya

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 August 2017)

‘Böbreğini de alırım seni de’
   Most buyers wanted more than just a kidney.

After Sabah's articles about "Organ Sales on Social Media",
some sellers who had bad experiences came forward.  One of
them is university graduate Büşra S. (24), who offered to sell
her kidney to ameliorate her credit debt.  Subsequently, though,
calls from prospective buyers made her abandon the idea.  She
now works as a movie theater ticket-seller at a shopping center.

Büşra S. explained that "after I graduated from university I had
some problems with my family and credit debt. Suddenly, I
thought of selling a kidney as a solution, not considering whether
that would be sensible or not.  I had no other option.  The date
for the credit payment was coming due and I didn't have a job so
I wrote the add offering to sell my kidney and a portion of my
liver." (!)

"I got 5 or 10 calls each day, which quickly became annoying
because the callers really didn't want a kidney, they just wanted
to use me.  One man from Antalya said that only a relative could
give a kidney so he suggested we get married and we could
divorce six months later if either one of us wanted.  He also
offered money.  At that point I understood that his intentions
were different."

"Another caller from Antalya offered to pay all my debts without
me having to sell an organ.  He wanted me to work as a bar girl
in his nightclub.  When I protested he calmly said 'Don't worry.
I've dressed like a woman at times to do this job' (!) Almost all
the calls I got came from Antalya and those from other places
wanted the operation to happen in Antalya. It seems that's the
center for this kind of stuff."

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