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Rapist Gets Dental Dutch Treat

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 31 August 2017)

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 Necromaniac-in-training Ercan G.

G.H. (19), a Dutch citizen, came to Istanbul on 15 August to visit
a friend attending medical school. G.H. left her friend's home on
Esentepe Koreşehitleri Avenue in Şişli the day before yesterday to
go sightseeing.  On her way back G.H. lost her way and made a wrong
turn into the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery, where a young man began to
chat her up, asking if she would have tea with him.

When G.H. ignored the man he pretended to fall ill.  As the young
women went to offer aid the man grabbed her and began dragging
G.H. into the cemetery grounds.  G.H. screamed and bit the attacker's
wrist to break free.  The would-be rapist, Ercan G., fled but was soon
picked up by police. Ercan G. denied the charges but the bite marks on
his wrist were all police needed to take him to jail.

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                            Is no place sacred!

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