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'Hail' Lavrov!

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(Posta Newspaper, 2 August 2017)

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   TNT staff witnessed the hail storm: wicked!        

Ukrainian pilot Alexander Akopov was at the controls of a
commercial flight that flew into a fierce hail storm after taking
off  from Atatürk Airport in Istanbul en route to northern Cyprus
on the evening of 27 July. The hail badly damaged the plane's
nose and front windows so Akopov looked through the side
window in order to guide the aircraft safely back to Atatürk.

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     But for the lack of glasses...

The Ukrainian press lauded Akopov as a hero for saving the
lives of the 121 people on board the plane.  However, when
Ukrainians saw a photo of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov on Akopov's Facebook page they reacted negatively.

In Russia, though, when it became known that Akopov was
a fan of Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued the
following statement: "What you did has nothing to do with
politics.  We congratulate you.  If you are being criticized in
your country we will be glad to welcome you here."

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    ...they could be twins.

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