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Long Arm of English Law Reaches Anatolia

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(Sabah Newspaper, 27 February 2011)

Mehmet Ali Ergün (50) lives in Bağarası town in the Söke district of
Aydın province and although he doesn't have a license or a car he
received a traffic warning from the English police. Ergün got the warning
sent by England's Northumbria police on 3 February 2011.

Ergün was shocked when he saw the letter which warned that Ergün
would be fined up to 1,000 British Pounds if he repeated the violation
again. In his entire life Ergün has never set foot out of Aydın province
and he had this to say about the warning: 'I don't even have a bicycle
and yet a fine warning comes from England saying that I committed a
traffic violation in a luxury car in that country and that if I do it again
I'll have to pay up to a thousand pounds.'

Ergün read from the letter he received from England's Northumbria
police, as follows: 'there is photographic proof of the vehicle in question
and activity in violation of paragraph 172 of the 1988 Road-Traffic Law.
The penalty for this violation is a monetary fine of up to 1,000 pounds
and 3-6 point loss. No further action will be taken in regard to this
situation but we may not be so tolerant in the event that there is another
violation committed in the future.'  Ergün said that he will seek legal

Thinking that this incident may have arisen because of the false docu-
ments, Ergün said that 'I had given my birth certificate to a relative
ten years ago and I'm ninety percent sure it's him. But I don't have
a relative or a friend living in England. I want the culprits to be found.'

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