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To Catch a Lover, Claim He's a Thief

theft (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 March 2011)

Suspecting that his wife A.D. (37) was cheating on him, T.D. (41), who
lives in the Karşıyaka neighborhood of Yenimhalle in Ankara, started to
tail her. T.D. saw his wife bring a man to their home so he called the police
to report adultery. The response he got from police was that 'adultery is
not a crime. We don't bother with it.'

On another day, T.D. told his wife that he would be working late but
instead he lay in ambush in front of their home. When he saw that his wife
had brought her lover to their home he called the '155 Police Hotline' and
declared that 'there's a robber in my home.' T. D. then waited for the police
in front of the house, opened the door with his key and let the police in.
Expecting  to catch a thief when they entered the house, police nabbed a
half-naked A.D. and her lover S.K. (37).

A report was filed about S.K. based on the crime of 'violating the sanctity
of the home.' In his own defense, S.K. said in his statement to police 'I
know A.D. and she invited me to her house. We had tea and made love.
Then the police came in, along with her husband. I love her and want to
marry her.'

T.D. has filed a divorce suit, which is being heard in Ankara's 8th Family
Court. He had this to say: 'when we entered the house my wife was in her
pajamas. The fellow was hiding in the bathroom. I told the police that I
wanted to file a complaint about a person who had entered my home
without permission. I want to divorce the wife who cheated on me and
get custody of my child.'

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