9 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Jeweler Hits Home Run at Robber's Expense

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A person came to Cengiz Jewelers in Bursa the night before last,
took out a revolver from his waste and said to Cemil Maral who
was in the process of closing the store: 'this is a stick up. If you don't
want to die put the gold in the counter into a bag. Otherwise, I'll
plug you.' As instructed, Maral put the gold in the counter into a bag
and then said to the robber 'let me give you the gold that's under the
counter, too.'  Maral then grabbed a baseball bat that he had hidden
under the counter and hit the robber on the head. The suspect, bleeding
from the head wound and realizing that he would be captured, fled.

Maral called police who came to the store and searched the area for
the injured robber but didn't find him. Police, who took fingerprints from
the crime scene where there were no security cameras in place, are
continuing their efforts to capture the robbery suspect.

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