15 Mart 2011 Salı

'Back Pain' Makes Adana Unemployment Capital

backpain (links to original article)

According to figures regarding basic workstrength at the provincial
level, as computed by the Turkey Statistics Council, Adana was declared
to be the province with the highest level of unemployment in 2009, 26.5%.
Yet, it has been reported that a large number of the unemployed won't do
any other work than a desk job, citing as an excuse 'my back hurts.'

IŞKUR (state employment agency) Adana provincial chief Haşim Meydan
said that no matter how many unemployment records Adana breaks, when
one looks at the profile of the unemployed a large portion of them are
unqualified yet assert that 'I'll do whatever job there is.' But he added that
when these people find a job they don't like it. Meydan stated that most
unemployed people use the classic excuse 'my back hurts' to avoid any job
other than a desk job. He noted, though, that 'yet, as experts have said,
sitting at a desk continually triggers back pain. That's why I don't consider
such excuses believable.'

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