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Siblings' Unwitting Role in Robberies for Fun

rakı (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 March 2011)

In Antalya's Aksu district, Gökhan Ö. broke the bathroom window
of his step-brother Ramazan Ö.'s  restaurant the night before last and
stole the fish in the counter, 10 bottles of rakı and an amount of money.

The police were informed about the theft the following morning and
around noon word came that some people were getting ready to start
to barbeque fish in Şükrü Solmaz park in Muratpaşa. The police went
to the park and arrested four people standing around the barbeque
grill. In their statements, three of the suspects said that while they were
sitting in the park Gökhan Ö. came along with the rakı and fish and
invited them to dine with him. Gökhan Ö. confessed to the charges and
was taken into custody, while the other three were released.

sick sister (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 1 March 2011) 

Turgay Z., who entered a bank branch a week ago in Ataşehir, Istanbul,
wearing a surgical mask and escaped with 13,680TL, has been captured
after police traced the mask to the pharmacy he bought it from. The
suspect had said while robbing the bank: 'my sister is sick, that's why
I'm doing this.'  However, it turns out that half an hour after the robbery
he was having an orgy with two women at a 5-star hotel.

Water distributor Turgay Z.'s credit card debt was increasing and a
week ago he applied to this same bank branch for credit but was denied.
At this point he decided to rob the bank and in his statement he said that
'I bought the surgical mask for the robbery and put it on my face. I came
to the bank in a taxi and I told the driver that I was wearing the mask
because I had a cold. I told him that I was going to withdraw money from
the bank and to wait for me until I returned. When I went into the bank I
pulled a fake gun out and after getting a bag full of money I went outside
again but the taxi wasn't waiting for me. I escaped on foot and waited for
things to die down. Then I got in a taxi and went to a 5-star hotel where
I called two girlfriends that I've know for a while.'

Police determined that the suspect stayed at this hotel for 3-4 days and
then rented a house in Ataşehir with the money he had stolen.  Although
the suspect stole 13,000TL, he failed to notice another bag next to the
safe which contained 100,000TL.  He had asked bank employees 'there's
only this much money in the bank?' to which they replied 'there's only this
much on Monday morning.'

As he was taken into custody Turgay Z. shouted to reporters 'I did it
because I love to rob.'

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