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Mother-in-Law U.

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 March 2011)

Zirve University in Gaziantep has announced the start of preparations
for a 'Mother-in-Law School', as a follow-on to its 'Marriage School'.
In a written statement, Dr. Fatih Töremen, head of the university's
education department, stated that the university had implemented the
'Marriage School' in cooperation with the Şahinbey Municipality in
order to stem the increase in divorces and establish more sturdy

Töremen noted that the increase in the ratio of divorces was caused
by the lack of information of families in raising children and of young
people as they prepare for marriage.  He added that from this stand-
point, the project is important for increasing awareness among families
and newlyweds.

Töremen continued as follows: 'like young people, mothers-in-law must
be made more aware. By mobilizing all our resources about community
problems we're taking the lead in the development of our country's
social and cultural fields. With these projects, we're showing that the
university cannot live behind closed doors apart from the community.

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