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Turk Mafia in New York Busted

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 30 March 2011)

Wide-ranging police operations conducted in New York's Long Island
and Rochester areas have dealt a big blow to two separate groups of
Turkish mafia. A Turkish gang led by two brothers on Long Island was
broken in the 'Bust Out' operation and a group in Rochester that included
three Turks was nabbed in the course of  'Operation Breakers'. Both
operations involved 25 million dollars in fraud activities.

In the Long Island case, the suspects bloated the credit limits of students
and families making plans to return to Turkey by pouring tens of thousands
of dollars into their accounts. The fraud was accomplished when the money
was withdrawn from the accounts and half the obtained credit was shared
with the account holders.

'Operation Breakers' began when Çağatay Ünlü put a gun in the car of
Necdet Yetim, the estranged older brother of Ünlü's fellow-gang leader
Özgür Yetim, and informed police. Necdet Yetim, whose nickname is
'Turk JR', then informed on his brothers. Çağatay Ünlü, who was arrested,
told police about all their crimes.Necdet Yetim's arrested brothers Nazım
and Özgür are facing five year and ten year jail terms, respectively. Necdet
Yetim said that 'I cut my relations with my brothers ten years ago when I
found out that they were involved in illegal activities.' He claimed that up to
now his brothers has transferred at  least 5 or 6 million dollars to relatives
in Mudanya district of Bursa.

//herewith a slightly different version of the Long Island caper reported in
Sabah Newspaper//


A Turkish gang that copied credit card information from wealthy customers at
the five gas stations they operated in the U.S. state of New York and engaged
in a large-scale fraud has been busted. The leaders of the gang that operated in
Suffolk County on Long Island, Özgür Yetim and Ismail Nazım Yetin, were
arrested based on a tip from their older brother.  According to claims, the affair
unfolded as follows:

Brothers Özgür and Ismail Nazım Yetim of Rize secretly put a gun in the car
of their older brother whom they envied because he was more successful
and well-known than they were. After the brothers informed police,
Necdet Yetim, nicknamed 'Lazoğlu', was taken into custody on the Long
Island Expressway. Necdet Yetim said in his statement that the gun was
placed in his car by his brothers who were conspiring against him and he
proceeded to give police all the information about the credit card gang.

After Necdet Yetim gave his statement police went into action and arrested
the brothers who were getting ready to return to Turkey. Police seized
200,000 dollars (440,000TL), five luxury cars, five gas stations and a
beach-front home valued at 1.5 million dollars (3.3 million TL), all belonging
to the brothers. Their older brother Necdet Yetim continued to provide
police with information after the operation, revealing that his brother Özgür
Yetim had spirited 3 million dollars (6.6 million TL) to Bursa via his father-
//herewith back to the Hürriyet story//

The credit card gang in Rochester was set up in 1986. The district attorney
for Monroe County in the northern New York city of Rochester, Mike
Green, provided details about 'Operation Loan Shark', in which a credit
card gang of eight people, including three Turks, was busted.  The gang
was led by Ersin Yaman, nicknamed 'Mike the Turk', and Ismail Cruz
and set up in 1986. The gang used stolen credit cards targeting leading
U.S. stores like JC Penney, Sears, Wegmans and Home Depot and then
sold the goods they purchased. It is claimed that up to now the gang has
accumulated 15 million dollars in illegal income. The three Turks in the
gang arrested in Rochester are Ersin Yaman, Vedat Kıraç and Muhittin

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