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Car Thieves in Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 18 March 2011)

//ed. note: Ibrahim Tatlıses is one of Turkey's biggest singing stars so
the attack on him has been big news here.//

Teams from the Organized Crime-fighting Task Force captured Abdullah
Uçmak at his home in Pendik on the charge of having ordered the attack
on Ibrahim Tatlıses. Subsequently, a search of his house was conducted.
At the same time, the police heard announcements on their radios like 'they're
escaping in your direction' and 'get after them'. Thinking that a different
police team was pursuing Uçmak's partners-in-crime, the police making the
search went downstairs.

Concurrently, police reinforcement teams were sent to the scene. Soon
afterwards it was understood that teams from the Car Theft Bureau, who
didn't know about the Uçmak operation, were chasing two robbery
suspects. Erdinç E. and Sinan K., the two suspects, has escaped the police
and entered into the area where Uçmak had been apprehended. So the
suspects, thinking that they had shaken the police, had in fact stumbled
into the Uçmak operation and were surrounded by police.

When the two suspects saw this inordinate number of uniformed and plain-
clothes police they were astounded and could only say 'what have we done
brother?' It turned out that Erdinç E. has been caught 31 times by the police
for robbery. The two suspects were sent to court.

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