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Facebook 'Beauty' Snares Defrauding Friend

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 March 2011)

Abdullah Çelik (28) who lives in Istanbul set a trap on Facebook for
an army pal who cheated him out of 40,000 TL three years ago. Çelik
set the trap for Cemil Sungur with a profile of a pretty blonde girl and
when he met up with his friend in Denizli he kidnapped him and demanded
a 40,000TL ransom from Sungur's father. However, the father reported
the affair to police who conducted an operation on Thursday and rescued

Cemil Sungur (28) of Denizli and Abdullah Çelik of Istanbul served in the
army together in Zonguldak three years ago. After being discharged Sungur
returned to Denizli and shortly thereafter called his friend Çelik, saying that
'I found a treasure. I've got gold that I'll sell to you cheap.' Sungur sent some
real gold to his friend and said that he would sell the remainder to Çelik at
a price well below the going rate.  Çelik then went to Denizli, paid his friend
40,000 TL and took possession of a bag full of gold. A short time later
Çelik found out that the gold was fake but since he'd obtained it through
illegal means he couldn't file a complaint. Çelik couldn't stand the fact that
he had been defrauded but in spite of all his efforts he couldn't track down

But three months ago Çelik noticed that Cemil Sungur had opened a profile
on Facebook and knowing his friend's weakness for women he created a
fake profile of pretty blonde woman named Selin Demir, complete with a
photograph (actually American singing star Ashley Tisdale). Çelik then
added Sungur as a friend and chatted with Sungur, a textile worker who
identified himself as a mechanical engineer to 'Selin', regularly for three months.

After the conversants established an emotional connection, Çelik had a friend
who identified herself as Selin Demir, call Sungur and ask to meet with him.
Sungur told the person he thought was Selin Demir to meet him at an amuse-
ment park on the Denizli-Antalya highway on 5 March. While waiting at the
meeting point for the pretty blonde girl he had seen in the photographs,
Sungur was instead confronted with his army pal Abdullah Çelik and his
friends. Çelik then forced the bewildered Sungur into a car and kidnapped
him to Istanbul.

Sungur's father Hasan Sungur went to the Denizli state prosecutor the same
day to report that his son had been kidnapped. He told police that someone
had called him to say that they had kidnapped his son because he had
defrauded them and they therefore wanted 40,000TL as ransom. The Denizli
police immediately informed their Istanbul counterparts and gave them the
phone number used to call Hasan Sungur. Istanbul police conducted an
operation last Thursday and raided a home in Arnavutköy where Sungur was
being held. Thanks to the operation police were able to rescue Sungur and
take Abdullah Çelik and his five cohorts into custody. The suspects were
taken to court and Abdullah Çelik and Hüseyin Ç. were arrested.

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