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When Good Luck Goes Bad

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 March 2011)

In Istanbul Fuat Sümer placed a bet for 5.40TL and all of the horses
he picked in six races won. However, when Alper Özçelik, the jockey
riding Tunçgür, the winner of the fifth race, was weighed after the race
he was 600 grams over the weight limit. The Commissars Council voided
Özçelik's victory and he was banned from racing for 30 days.

When this happened Sümer could not collect his winnings even though
he had picked the six races correctly. So when he learned that the fifth
race had been voided because of the jockey's weight problem he sought
relief at the Bakırköy courthouse. Sümer claimed that because the race
was voided he lost 750,000TL and he filed suit against the horse's owner
Ünal Kavcin, jockey Alper Özçelik and the Turkish Jockey Association
asking for 10,000TL in damages.

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