11 Mart 2011 Cuma

Bear Likes Finger Food

bear (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 10 March 2011)

A person who stuck his finger into a bear's cage at the zoo in Mersin's
Tarsus district lost the digit. According to information, O.N.Ç. was touring
the zoo and put his left hand through the cage bars in order to pet the
sleeping bear. Just then the bear put O.N.Ç.'s hand into its mouth. Hearing
the screams, officials ran to the cage and chased the bear away from the

O.N.Ç. was taken to the hospital and it is understood that half of his left
index finger was lost. Despite a search, the finger the bear bit off was not
found and it was assumed that the bear swallowed it. A few years ago the
same bear bit off the hand of a person who stuck his hand into the cage.

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