9 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Carlos Not Such a Bad Guy After All

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Terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as 'Carlos the Jackel' who is
being held in Poissy prison in France, has claimed that 'his close friend'
Nurettin Güven, the former head of Malatyaspor who is serving time in
the same prison for narcotics smuggling, has been abandoned to die.
Carlos phoned Turkish lawyer Güven Yılmaz from prison saying that
Nurettin Güven lost consciousness last week and was taken to the hospital
again. Carlos claimed that French officials are blocking an operation that
Güven must have.

Carlos asserted that Güven is being left to die by the French and he called
on Turkish officials to help Given by immediately beginning the process
for his return to Turkey. Nurettin Güven's son Tolga Güven will go to
France tomorrow to learn about his father's health situation. He made this
statement to Sabah: 'my father has had heart problems for a long time. We
have made efforts to have him operated on but my father wants the opera-
tion to be done in Turkey. Our family has appealed to the Foreign Ministry
to have my father returned. If my father must face a penalty he should face
it in his own country. My father is in the same prison as Jackel Carlos.
They're not in the same block but they meet in the outside exercise area
from time to time. Because Carlos is well-known when he says something
in the prison notice is taken.'

Güven was sentenced to 12 years in prison for narcotics smuggling in 2005.
He has been held in France since then.

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