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Lawyers Battle Over Wall and Square Meters

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 March 2011)

In Istanbul's Mecidiyeköy, two lawyers got into an argument on the
seventh floor of an office building. Ibrahim Gemici, one of the lawyers
who couldn't share the floor they bought, has filed suit against his colleague
Sezai Arıtürk, saying 'He's occupied my space!'. Arıtürk set up a wall
in the office area apportioned to him by a court expert's report but
Gemici claims that Arıtürk put up the wall when nobody was around.

It is claimed that individuals said to have been hired by Gemici went to
the seventh floor during the weekend when it was empty and tore down
the wall. After this incident, a surprised Sezai Arıtürk stated that he will
have the wall put back up. He said 'I'm ashamed that my colleague has
torn down the wall of the 115 square meter area that is rightfully mine.
The court expert has said that the total area is 320 square meters so my
share is 115 square meters. The remaining 205 square meters belong to
Gemici, who filed the suit, but he claims that the total area here is 400
square meters and the portion alloted to him is 266 square meters.'

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