8 Mart 2011 Salı

You'd Think Buying Glasses Would be Easy

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In Kırıkkale, Dilek Taşcıgül went to buy eyeglasses at a store last
friday and started to argue with store owner Murat Kaynatır (35)
and his worker Emrah Kaçmaz (24). As the two sides insulted each
other it is claimed that Dilek Taşcıgül was manhandled by the two men
and ejected outside.

Taşcıgül related the incident to her husband Bekir Taşcıgül, a retired
policeman who is now an invoice tax collector. Bekir Taşcıgül then went
to the optomatrist store yesterday at 11 o'clock and started to scream
at store owner Murat Kaynatır and his worker Emrah Kaçmaz, saying
'why did you manhandle my wife? Is that how tough you are?'

The argument ballooned and Taşcıgül went to his work place, got his gun,
returned and started spraying bullets. Store owner Murat Kaynatır was hit
by three bullets and died, while Emrah Kaçmaz was wounded in the leg.
Bekir Taşcıgül ran away but was captured by police and taken into custody.

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