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March Madness in Samsun: One Girl, 77 Points

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//ed. note: in honor of March Madness//

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 March 2011)

Such a thing has never before been seen or heard...in the Young Girls
Provincial Championship game played in Samsun, the Samsun Basketbol
Club defeated 55 Basket Team 77-60 and all of Samsun's 77 points
were scored by one person. Doğa Conba, a 17 year-old Anadolu High
School student who wears the Samsun Basketbol Club's uniform,
defeated 55 Basket Team all by herself. This interesting event has shocked

Doğa Conba, who scored 77 points single-handedly, said that 'I passed
to my teammates but they couldn't take advantage of their opportunities.
I've been averaging about 30 points per game in previous games. Being
the one to score all the points in this game has given me a special kind
of happiness. I follow the example of Samsun Basketbol Club's legendary
Gülşah Akkaya. I'm following in her footsteps.'

Samsun Basketbol Club's coach Caner Yıllar pointed out that there have
been many players who have scored a lot of points in the games he's
seen over the past 25 years of his coaching career but there's never been
one player who has scored all of a team's points. He said 'I've coached the
Kadıköy Girls High School and Galatasaray and I've had players score
80-81 points. But for one player to score all of a team's points strikes me
as interesting.'

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