3 Mart 2011 Perşembe

Extra Baggage Trips Up Drug Courier

capsules (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 3 Mart 2011)

Narcotics experts at Istanbul's Atatürk airport stopped a suspicious
passenger. Biology teacher Corey Muhando M., who was transferring
flights after arriving from Brazil and heading for Kenya, was searched
and an amount of cocain was found in the pocket of his shirt. Police
then made a careful search of his briefcase. More narcotics were dis-
covered in his shoes and in the souls of his shoes and police noticed
bulges in his midsection.

The suspect was taken to Haseki Training and Research Hospital
where an MRI showed narcotics capsules in his stomach. A total of
1.564 kilograms of cocain were found on Corey Muhando M., in
his pocket, shoes and midsection. He stated that he received three
thousand dollars for being a courier.

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