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Why Don't They Cover These Damn Wells!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 March 2011)

In Istanbul's Kartal district, Bayram Karaduman, who was collecting empty
beer bottles, fell into a 70 meter-deep well. It is unclear why the opening of
the well was left uncovered.

A group that was drinking in an empty lot encountered Karaduman and
exchanged greetings with him. When the group heard a noise a bit later
they shouted 'Uncle Bayram' and then went to look for him. The group found
a sack full of bottles but didn't see Karaduman anywhere around so they
informed the police.

While there was an evaluation made that there may have been a murder,
police also called firefighters to the scene considering the possibility that
Karaduman may have fallen into the well. The firefighters brought two big
winches with them and set to work to save Bayram Karaduman. But at
the 50 meter mark the well was full of water and the firefighters ropes weren't
long enough so a diver couldn't descend any lower. At the end of five hours
of work, the firefighters removed Karaduman's lifeless body from the well
using a winch.

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